Water storage tank with rain apron and smaller drink tank for forest services.

Large selection of Bul-Tuf stock tanks to choose from.

R-10 stock tank installed on a ranch.

Various types of burial vaults.

Quality Control Statement

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance closely controls each step of the fabrication process at Fiberglass Structures.  From initial design through fabrication and shipping conformance to the customer' requirements and specifications are insured.

All raw materials are evaluated.  They must meet stringent quality standards set by Fiberglass Structures, Inc.  Frequent physical inspections and measurements are taken during fabrication; dimensions, laminate thickness and hardness.  Constant visual checks for defects document that the design criterion is met.

FSI manufactures to applicable FRP industry standards including NBS, ASME (RTP-1), ASTM; AWWA; API and IAPMO, so customer satisfaction is assured.

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